Saturday, March 18, 2006

WHATS IN A BLOG? Especially this one.

On page 104 of THE OXFORD DICTIONARY of CURRENT ENGLISH (6th edition 1976), I was unable to find the term BLOG. The list went from blockade to bloke. It wasn't too long ago when the secondary journalist was given amazing power with the aid of a Blog (an acronym from Web Log).
After coming to my senses, I put the 1976 copy of the oxford back on my shelf and headed for the world wide web, and then to The term had been coined just recently. I havent done the proper research to find out when.

As per habit, I generalized the definitions into a thought of a blog being one (or more) of many things;
-an online diary
-a chronology of thoughts (personal or not)
-something that provides hot knowlege and/or articles of other sites that are of interest to the user
-it could even be a compilation of recomendations or editorials of nearby places in town

I read blogs from all over the world and i realized that blogs can be so much more than just these definitions. They do however relate in some way to the definitions, but each author had given his own little twist to the blog.

Well it took me an amazingly long time to understand any reasoning behind keeping a blog. Finally I have the to motive to update mine on a regular basis. It dawned on me that I can drop all sorts of knowledge on this site and it will make someone's life easier if not just a little more entertained. Dropping knowlege like its hot has become my new hobby.

to break the ice:
Here's something you might not use but it wont hurt to know
Bakri (Buck-Ree) means Female Goat in Urdu (a language spoken in pakistan)
Bakra(Buck-Raa) is a Male Goat.

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