Monday, February 04, 2008

The super bowl pretty much Sucks!

Thats right, the Super Bowl sucks! I mean, that is if your team never makes it to the bowl. As for all those that aren't pissed about the ultimate supermodel party, and don't know much about whats goin on, you may want to read on.

Tomorrow, and probably for a long time...people at your work, the day care pick up spot, the park benches, the beach, ice cream stands, and lets not forget the urinals, will be talking about the 42nd Super Bowl.

You need to be a part of these conversations. Your managers will surely be talking about this during lunch time, and you dont want to be the graduate student that cant converse with the faculty because all they are talking about is the super bowl. Your boss comes into your cubicle making a symbolic statement about perfection and adversity referring to the Super Bowl, You certainly don't want to have a blank stare on your face. And who wants to be the only quiet one on the subway; and if someone wants to give you a high five due to the excitement from the game results while you relieve yourself at the urinal then you want to know exactly which team he must have been rooting for. For starters, the New York Giants beat the New England Patroits by 3 points at a 14-17 game score.

Here is some basic knowledge you need to have to look like you know what you are talking about. Drop some of this knowledge anywhere in the middle of the conversation and you will change the direction of the talk in no time.

The NE Patriot's quarterback is Tom Brady. This guy is the All American Dream. He has 2-4 seconds almost every play to make a crucial decision of who to throw the ball to...and he is damn good under this sort of pressure. He has thrown the most passes that have ended up in touchdowns; 50 touchdown passes to be exact. His wide receiver, Randy Moss has caught an NFL record, 24 touchdown catches. This team is insane!
Tom Brady went to University of Michigan.

It's not about your team winning or's who you rooted for says a lot about you
Why it made sense to support the Patriots

The Patriots have had a Perfect season so far, they were 18 and 0. No one had beaten them. A true essence of Perfection. This has not happened before. The last time this happened was back in 1972 with the Miami Dolphins. Even with that said, the XLII Super Bowl last night was a much bigger deal, due to the fact that the dolphins had a 17-0 season while the Pats were playing 19 games. So 1) the dolphins had less games in their season back then and 2) the dolphins were facing much weaker competition compared to today's standards. The patriots were headin to write history.

Side note
The quarter back for the Dolphins was Bob Griese. Birds of a feather flock together as you'll note that Bob's son Brian Griese had a perfect season in college, when University of Michigan won the National title on Jan 1, 1988. Oh and Brian's back up quarter back was...none other than...You guessed it...Tom Brady.

This was the true pursuit of perfection. To show that perfection IS possible. This was the true reason to root for the Pats, to support the pursuit of perfection. This game was, in its truest form a play on perfection and adversity.

The patriots did have a rough season. They were involved in the SPY GATE scandal. This is when they were accused and fined of spying on other teams, checking their hand gestures, recording their play books on film with high zoom and watching it and analyzing their codes. Every team does this, sure, but regardless of that fact...the Patriots had to pay the fine and face the consequences but after the storm had passed, the Pats showed the world how insane and intensely committed Bill Belichick really is.
Side note
Bill Belichick was fined $500,000 for spygate, the largest fine imposed on a coach in the NFL's 87 year history. The Pats were fined $250,000.
They came through in such a manner for the rest of the season, that Belichick was still awarded the 2007 NFL Coach of the Year Award!

If you rooted for the Giants, who did (in XXXV Super Bowl) get beat by the Ravens harder than a drunken bum gets another drunken bum; then you were simply rooting 1) against the pursuit of perfection and/or 2) solely for the fact that they were the underdog. Or that you were a dolphins fan, but come on now that one doesn't even get a number on the list.

The giants got the re-match they wanted. Week 17, 2007, the Giants were up against the patriots. They were expected to loose, and they did. But they were up 10 points in the second half, this gained them a lot of respect. They lost, but they wanted a second chance, they wanted a re-match. This Super Bowl, in essence, was they re-match they had always asked for. They beat the patriots by three points in the XLII Super Bowl.

You have to look at everything in a positive light, and the best way to look at this is that Eli Manning (NY Giants Quarter back, brother of Peyton Manning and Son of Archie Manning) has finally stepped out from under his brother's shadow. Who ever watched the Super Bowl, also watched Eli's nuts grow a little. He will no longer be referred to as Peyton's brother, he is Eli...and thats it...Peyton is now Eli's brother rather than the other way around. Actually no, I wouldn't go that far. Peyton is Peyton. Manning is a huge name in NFL. Archie Manning is a former American Football Quarterback. He has fathered the 2007 Super Bowl MVP (most valuable player) Colts QB Peyton and the 2008 Super Bowl MVP Giants QB Eli, and he also fathered the Ole Miss receiver Cooper Manning!

Although a sad game, it was surely an amazing game to watch.
It was a triumphant game.


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